Ever have trouble finding boots in the right color? Tried spray-painting them and ended up with a dry, cracked mess?

A fantastic friend recently advised me to paint leather boots (and any other leather goods) with floral paint. This is a spray paint that is light and flexible enough to use on live flowers. Above are the Poison Ivy boots I painted for a friend, which turned out fantastic.

One thing though: Wear them while you paint them, and maybe stretch your foot around in between coats. I didn’t think of this, and while the paint did not crack at all, it started to split where the boots were stretched from walking. Next time I paint some boots, I’ll let you know if I was able to fix this problem.

The paint I used is called Design Master, and you can find it at Michael’s or Joann Fabrics. In the stores near me, Michael’s had a better selection of colors and a slightly better price, but that may not be true everywhere. This color is “Holiday Green.”

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Mondo is celabrating LAIKA Animation Studios with releases of CORALINE & PARANORMAN soundtracks on deluxe limited edition vinyl.

Omg these are really cool

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(the quality doesnt justify my lateness and idk much about kpop so instead) i drew genderqueer onoda for taz :0

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yes please!


yes please!

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Gillian Grossman

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A sticker set that I did in collaboration with a Singaporean Stickers-As-A-Service company PicoCandy. Basically it means that for applications like Whatsapp or Line or Facebook Chat, you can purchase stickers created by your favourite artists. I’m not sure when their store officially opens, but the website for it is up. Will inform you guys in the future!

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It’s no secret that I like Lady Knights like, a lot. I put together a little randomizer as a sort of exercise. Then I thought, why not share it?

So here’s the thing. Five categories of traits. Pick three and run with it! Bonus challenge: do all five categories. And of course you’re free to add to the categories if what you want isn’t in there. Have fun with it! Don’t forget to tag #Lady Knights so I can see the cool stuff you come up with!

Here’s my starter to kick things off: Fists, Top Heavy, Nervous, Indian, Shark/Piscine.

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Frozen tapestries by Brittney Lee

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